What is the MD2 Medication Management Program?

MD2 Medication Management is the premier medication management system available for individual use. It is designed primarily for solid medicine (pills, tablets, etc.), but can be used as a reminder for non-pill form medication.

How does it work?

At preprogrammed times, a unit dose of medicine automatically drops into an easily accessed drawer. All other medicine is locked out. A voice module sounds and visual reminders are activated that alert the patient to take his or her medicine.

Who should use the MD2 Medication Management Program?

Many elderly and some with developmental disabilities the MD2 Medication Management Machine. MD2 Medication Management is ideal for those individuals who, if medication is not taken properly, must have additional help with their medication – from family members or professionals either at home or institution.

Why should the MD2 Medication Management Program be used?

When medication is taken properly, greater physically well-being results. There is the added benefit of greater self-esteem and independence for the user and less cost and concern for the caregiver and payer.

Is it easy to use?

Yes – particularly for the patient. Various reminders (voice reminder, visual, etc.) let the patient know it is time to take medicine. All he or she need do is go to the machine, take the medicine as indicated and continue on with their activities. There is no need to open medicine vials, to remember whether it is Monday or Tuesday or whether to take the red pill or the green one, etc.

How is it programmed?

It is programmed with current information and patient specific information. Typically, this is done by a caregiver (family member or professional). Programming is aided by simple instructions on the screen.

How does someone know when to take their medicine?

The MD2 Medication Management system has a voice alarm and LCD screen. The voice alarm can be adjusted for volume. These adjustments help users with hearing loss find a sound they can hear. Additionally, the LCD screen indicates the appropriate instructions when medicine is dispensed. This message continues to play until the medicine is taken.

There is an additional reminder that can be activated to include a flashing strobe light. The flashing strobe light is useful for the hearing impaired.

The telephone tie-in is usually connected to existing Personal Emergency Response Equipment. If medicine is not taken within a certain time frame of when it should be, a monitoring center is called and the user, care givers and others are alerted to the medication error event.

If someone knows they will be gone at a certain time and wants to take their medicine with them, can they?

Yes. By unlocking MD2 Medication Dispenser and de-activating the lock-out feature, an individual or caregiver can pre-dispense medication using the EARLY DOSE key. This feature is useful if an individual is going out for a short time and wants to take the medicine along. For example, a daughter may stop by at 11:30 a.m. and say, “Mom, let’s go to lunch.” Rather than wait until noon (if that is when Mom takes medicine) for the medicine to be dispensed, they can push the EARLY DOSE key and take the medicine with them. CompuMed? keeps track of the medicine taken out and resumes dispensing at the next dose.

How much does it cost?

The rental rate is $125.00 per month. There are no set up fees or additional fees to use any of the features.

Who pays for the MD2 Medication Machine Program?

The Medication Management Program qualifies for reimbursement under all waivered services programs in the state of Minnesota.  UCare, Blue Cross, Medica, MHP, and HealthPartners with referrals, private pay, and primary carriers with special permissions.

Other organizations rent it for their members (i.e. Veteran’s Administration, Area Agencies on Aging, etc.) Also, many children of elderly parents rent the MD2 Medication Management Machine for their parent(s). Anodyne will provide third party billing services at no extra cost.

What is included with the MD2 Medication Management Program?

  • MD-2 Device
  • Battery Cassette
  • 8 “C” Cell Batteries
  • 100 Med Cups
  • 100 Med Cup Lids
  • Medication Loading Dock
  • 12 V. Converter
  • Phone Line and Splitter (if necessary)
  • Instruction Sheet
  • Packing List with Serial Number

How do I order the MD2 Medication Management system?

Call-1-800-736-8367 or 952-546-2657.
Email us at info@anodynerehab.com and express your interest in the MD2 Medication Management Program. Please be sure to include your name and a contact phone number.

What Prerecorded messages can you set the  MD2 Medication Machine to automatically play?

  • 0 No Message
  • 1 Time for your Insulin
  • 2 Take Medication with food
  • 3 May cause drowsiness
  • 4 No food with medication for 2 hrs
  • 5 Take extra fluids with medication
  • 6 Change catapress patch
  • 7 Change estrogen patch
  • 8 Change duragesic patch
  • 9 Put on Nitro patch
  • 10 Remove Nitro patch
  • 11 Use Nasal spray
  • 12 Use mouth inhaler
  • 13 Take on empty stomach
  • 14 No alcohol with medications
  • 15 Don’t drive with this medication
  • 16 Take medications with juice
  • 17 Take medications with milk
  • 18 Time for your Eye drops
  • 19 Check your blood sugar level
  • 20 Check your blood pressure
  • 21 Use your nebuizer
  • 22 Remember your meal
  • 23 Take your liquid medication