Bracing & Orthotics

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A complete array of products
Whether you are recovering from an injury or managing a long-term issue, Anodyne provides a wide selection of braces and orthotics to help your body recuperate.
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Certified fitting experts
Anodyne has board certified orthotics fitters (CFo) on staff, to ensure that each client receives the proper brace for their unique condition. Beyond selecting the correct brace, our fitters work with patients and care providers to find the perfect fit for the clients measurements. When it comes to your health, you can trust our trained experts to exceed your expectations and help you get back to full strength.
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Third party billing services
Anodyne provides comprehensive support to make it as painless as possible for patients and care providers to get the brace and orthotic products they need. We provide third party billing services to prepare and submit insurance claims for our products, allowing you to focus on your health and your care providers to focus on providing quality care.

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