Service and Repair Questions

On this page you will find answers to Service and Repair questions.  Please read below to answer some general questions.  If you cannot find the answer to your question here please review our other Frequently Asked Questions pages, email us at or call us at 952-546-5334 or toll free at 1-800-736-8367.

Power Chair and Scooter Battery Questions

How long do batteries last?
There are many variables to the life of a battery, but generally they last 12-18 months before they should be replaced.

How often should I charge my batteries?
To achieve maximum life of your batteries, they should be charged as soon as possible after each and every use.  Do not let the battery sit for an extended amount of time without being charged.

How long do I have to charge my battery?
The minimum time you should charge your battery is 8 hours to fully charge the battery, leave it charging for longer then 8 hours.

If I’m not using my scooter or electric chair, can I keep it plugged in all the time?
Different makes and models have different suggestions on plug in use.  Generally you should keep it plugged in until the battery is fully charged, then unplug it.

Specific Power Chair Problems

My power wheel chair is not driving, what can I check before I call for service?
You should always check the motor first to be sure it’s engaged.  Take the motor in and out of each gear, turn the chair off, than turn it on and try to start driving again.  If the chair is still not driving make sure its in the “home” position and it’s not tilted too much one way, you want it to be in the upright position.  If none of these items resolve the problem contact customer service at 952-546-5334 or toll free at 1-800-736-8367.

Why is my power chair not charging?
Check to make sure your battery charger is connected to a working outlet.  Plug something else into the same outlet to ensure you are receiving power from that electrical plug.  If your battery is 12-18 months old it may be that you need a replacement battery.  In that instance please contact our customer service department at 952-546-5334 and we can order a replacement part for you.

Why is my power chair not driving and all the lights are blinking?
This is a diagnostic tool used by many manufacture to notify you that the chair is in need of service.  Once it starts blinking write down which lights are blinking and how many times they are blinking.  Call our customer service department with this information and we can assist you further at 952-546-5334 or toll free at 1-800-736-8367.

Why doesn’t my tilt work?
Many tilt chairs have a common problem of becoming disconnected.  Remove any accessories from the back of the wheelchair and look for anything that may be unplugged or not plugged in totally to its source.  If you are not sure were to plug it in call our customer service department and we can assist you over the phone or schedule an appointment to come out and assist you in your home.

Why is my chair running so slow?
If your chair is tilted or elevated you may only be able to go 1/4 of the normal speed your chair can typically go.  This is a built in inhibit for the safety of the operator.  Return your seat to the full upright position and lower it to the normal height and test the speed.  If you have tried this and are still having issues please call our customer service department at 952-546-5334 or toll free at 1-800-736-8367 to assist you.