Pro-Lite Elbow Support Knitted Pullover


Pro-Lite Knitted Pullover Elbow SupportĀ is a simple wrap that slips through the arm to envelope part of the forearm, elbow, and mid-bicep. The pullover is an affordable option to alleviate pain caused by physical overuse and any associated swelling.

The Pro-Lite Knitted Pullover is useful to treat sprains, strains, or tendon overuse caused by sports or other repetitive activities. The support provides universal pressure that will stimulate circulation as well as add a level of protection. The fabric is made of stretch knitted elastic that is seamless to be soft and non-irritating to the skin. This elbow support comes in four sizes to match most people’s arms.

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ProLite Knitted Pullover Elbow Support Features and Benefits

  • The elastic is easy to stretch and pull over the arm.
  • The material is light and breathable.
  • The wrap can help protect the arm.
  • The wrap can help with injury swelling.
  • The wrap is an affordable option to treat sprains and strains to the elbow.
  • There are multiple sizes to match most people’s arms.

Elastic Pullover Elbow Support Specifications

  • Product Numbers: 19-400430, 19-400530, 19-400630, 19-400730
  • Manufacturer: Jobst
  • Color: White
  • Sizes (Measured around Upper Forearm):
    • Small: 8-9 Inches
    • Medium: 9-10 Inches
    • Large: 10-11.5 Inches
    • X-Large: 11.5-13 Inches
  • Material: Stretch Knitted Elastic
  • Latex-free

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large


Blue, Beige