Processing Insurance Claims-Billing

Anodyne Inc. has been providing our customers with medical billing services for nearly 30 years. We are contracted with most insurance companies.

Understanding insurance claims, insurance verbiage, and the billing process can be confusing to customers and their care givers.  Anodyne, Inc. is here to assist you in understanding what your insurance covers and which portion may be your responsibility. We assist you with all aspects of the payments process in order that you will receive the maximum coverage provided by your insurance carrier.

All of the billing staff at Anodyne are personally trained on the insurance coverage for each of the items we sell. They will take care of the process of submitting the claim to your insurance and following up with the carrier if there are any discrepancies. They will make every attempt to fulfill your insurance requirements so your claim is processed correctly the first time it’s submitted. Our goal is to have our customers enjoying their product while we complete the insurance reimbursement process, and only receive a bill if they truly have an amount due.   We accomplish this by appealing any negative decision from your insurance company when we feel it was denied in the error.

Our billing office has a combined 125 years of insurance and business office experience. We are familiar with all of our products, the different insurance carriers, and coverage criteria for each of those insurances. We are proficient with all of the insurance carriers and can offer our customers the most knowledgeable service as well as to make you feel comfortable with the process and to minimize or eliminate any cost to you.