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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Anodyne Symbol Ordering and Payment
What should I do before I call Anodyne to order new supplies?
Prior to calling, please have with you the most recent copy of your insurance card and a copy of any relevant prescriptions given to you by your doctor. Most of our supplies cannot be sold without a doctor's prescription. If you are interested in buying supplies without using insurance and the product does not require a prescription, simply call us at 952-546-5334 to place your order.
How do I place an order?
Call us at 952-546-5334 and our team will help you find the products you need. We are here to help evaluate your unique situation and identify the right products for your needs.
Do you have my item in stock?
Anodyne stocks a wide variety of Medical Equipment & Supplies. If a particular item is not in stock in our warehouse, we will order the product you require and ship it to you directly from our warehouse. We can process custom orders to ensure you get the desired size, color, and model that you require. We keep in touch with you throughout the process, to ensure a smooth, pain-free experience.
What form of payment do you accept?
Anodyne accepts all major credit cards or personal checks as a form of payment. If you have further questions about your payment options, please call us at 952-546-5334.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Shipping and Returns
Do you deliver?
Yes - we personally deliver most of our equipment and supplies. We also ship products via SPEEDEE, UPS or USPS. We offer shipping within the United States only. Products are typically delivered in 2 days. We will work with you individually to deliver equipment at a time that is convenient for you and provide education to you and your caregiver as to how best to use the product or service provided.
When do I pay for my order?
When you call, we will verify with your insurance company the payment amount which you are responsible for. We then submit claims to your insurance company for processing and payment. Once we receive the Explanation of Benefits or payment from your insurer, we will bill you for the amount you are responsible for. Anodyne accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Checks as payment for goods and services. For questions regarding a bill you have received from us, please call us at 952-546-5334. Please note that we cannot guarantee coverage by insurance companies until the claim we submit on your behalf has been processed. We do our best to ask all of the pertinent questions so we can help you choose the best product or service that fits your needs. For specific insurance coverage questions, please contact your insurance company directly.
When will my products arrive?
Products and supplies shipped via SPEEDEE, UPS or USPS are typically delivered in 2-3 days. For personally delivered items, we will schedule a convenient time to deliver the items to your home. For custom orders and unique cases, we will advise you of a timeframe in which you can expect to receive your shipment from us.
Can you move my existing large equipment and furniture when you deliver my new equipment?
Anodyne will not move any existing furniture or large equipment when we arrive. We ask our customers to have their home ready for your new equipment and that all existing furniture and large equipment be removed before we arrive. If this is not done prior to our arrival we may have to re-schedule your delivery.
Can you dispose of my furniture or large equipment when you deliver my new equipment?
Anodyne can only dispose of products that were sold to you by us. We cannot dispose of equipment from any other vendor or any furniture. You will be responsible to move and dispose of those items.
Can you ship my monthly order automatically?
Yes - Once we have approved the supplies through your insurance company, we can set you up on a recurring monthly list to be delivered to your home. You must have a doctors order or prescription to receive monthly recurring orders.
Can I set up automatic ordering, to receive my supplies each month?
Yes - we will first need to approve the supplies you are sent each month with your insurance company, and then we can set up supplies to be delivered to you automatically each month. To change your monthly order, or cancel automatic shipment, you can simply call us at anytime 952-546-5334
How do I check the status of my order?
Please call us at 952-546-5334 during business hours. We can check the status of your order and advise you as to where it is at in the ordering process.
How do I cancel an order?
To cancel an order, please call us immediately at 952-546-5334. Due to our fast processing and delivery we may not be able to stop the order from being shipped. Customer Service can assist in checking the status of your order and canceling the order.
What if I do not want the product after I receive it?
No problem - you have up to 30 days to return the product for a full refund or exchange. Note: The product must be in the same condition as it was delivered to you.
Who pays the delivery charge for the return?
Anodyne does not charge a restocking fee and offers a 30 day return policy, however, delivery charges to return the items to Anodyne are the responsibility of the customer, unless the returned items were shipped to you in error.
What happens if my stockings do not fit?
No problem - you have up to 30 days to return the product for a full refund or exchange. Simply call the number on the back of the box and request the new stockings. Unfortunately, it is possible for your leg to change size from the time you are measured at your doctors office to the time you get your stockings. This does not happen often, but when it does we will take care of exchanging it for you.
Do I have to pay for Shipping & Handling?
If we are submitting the bill to your insurance company there is no shipping fee involved. Your insurance company will only be billed for the actual supply or product. Shipping rates only apply to items that you are paying for out-of-pocket (without insurance). For out-of-pocket orders, please contact our customer service department at 952-546-5334 to receive a shipping rate estimate for your order.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Medication Management Program
Please visit our dedicated Medication Management FAQs section.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Medical Products and Supplies
What is Durable Medical Equipment?
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) meets all of the following requirements:
  • Withstands repeated use
  • Is used to serve a medical purpose
  • Is generally not useful to a person in the absence of an illness or injury
  • Is appropriate for use in the home
Often a physician will prescribe you special equipment for use in your home. This equipment may provide therapeutic benefits or enable you to perform certain tasks that you are unable to undertake due to certain medical conditions or illnesses.
What is included in the DME category?
Listed below are several common items included in the Durable Medical Equipment category:
  • Diabetic supplies
  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Commode chairs
  • Home oxygen equipment
  • Hospital beds
  • Power Operated Vehicles (POVs or Scooters)
  • Seat Lift Mechanisms (used in Lift Chairs)
  • Traction equipment
  • Wheelchairs
  • And more! Call us today 952-546-5334
Can I clean and reuse my catheters?
No - manufacturers do not recommend the cleaning of catheters. Call us today for assistance with ordering replacement catheters 952-546-5334
Can I buy a catheter in person at Anodyne?
Yes, we can provide invasive catheters based on a doctor's detailed prescription. The order will specify the diameter and tip style needed. You can purchase catheters directly from us as a private payer, with a doctor's detailed prescription. Catheters are sold in individual, sterile packaging. You may purchase as many as you need. We will keep a copy of your doctor's detailed prescription on file for you to purchase catheters from Anodyne.
Will my insurance cover a lift chair?
As with all products, it depends on your insurance policy. Many insurers only cover the lifting mechanism of the chair, when medically necessary. In this case, only the lift mechanism of the chair would be covered, with the remainder being your financial responsibility. Please call us 952-546-5334 to determine eligibility of coverage for any of our products and services.
Can I order a lift chair lift mechanism seperately and convert my existing recliner chair?
No - lift chairs are specifically configured to work with lift mechanisms and a standard recliner chair is not compatible with the lift mechanism. Specifically, lift chairs have scissor mechanisms, which work with the lift actuator. Recliner chairs are not compatible with this mechanism.
Will my insurance cover a scooter?
Insurance companies need a doctor's order or a prior authorization stating the scooter is medically necessary to perform mobility related daily activities in the home. Coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company. Use of a scooter outside the home is generally not considered medically necessary and therefore not covered. Anodyne can assist you in obtaining a prior authorization for a scooter. To do this, we bring a scooter into your home for a home evaluation. During this evaluation, we document that your home is scooter accessible or what recommendations we have to make your home scooter accessible. We also document that you have the ability to operate a scooter through the main area of your home. For assistance with gaining prior authorization for a scooter, call us today 952-546-5334
Can I purchase other urological supplies as a private payer (out of pocket)?
Yes - Anodyne can sell some popular items such as collection bags and male external condom catheters without a doctor's detailed prescription.
Can I set up automatic ordering, to receive my supplies each month?
Yes - we will first need to approve the supplies you are sent each month with your insurance company, and then we can set up supplies to be delivered to you automatically each month. To change your monthly order, or cancel automatic shipment, you can simply call us at anytime 952-546-5334
Do you sell used medical equipment and supplies?
No, we do not sell used medical equipment at this time. All of our supplies and equipment are new.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Insurance Information
What is the difference between Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance?
Medicare is the United States federal health insurance program for people 65 years or older, certain disabled people, and people with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Medicaid is the United States federal health insurance program for eligible low-income adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults and certain people with disabilities. Private Insurance includes coverage purchased for you and your family through your employer, or directly from a private insurance company.
Does Anodyne work with Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance?
Yes - we are contracted with Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies. We will file claims to insurance companies on your behalf for all of our products and services.
What is a deductible?
A deductible is the amount you must pay each year before your insurer begins paying for your insurance claim. Medicare, for example, has two separate deductibles. The first is for the Hospital Insurance and Hospital Claims (Medicare Part A) and the second is for the Clinical Insurance and Clinic Claims or Doctors visits and services (Medicare Part B). As the patient, you are responsible for paying the cost of your claim, up to the deductible amount. Insurance coverage does not begin to pay until you have paid the applicable deductible(s) for your policy. Please contact your insurance company (Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurance) for any questions regarding your health insurance plan.
What is co-insurance / co-participation?
Co-insurance is the proportional amount of the insurance claim, after the deductible, that you the patient are responsible for paying. For example, an insurance policy that provides 90% coverage, has a co-insurance of 10%. Because the policy covers 90% of the claim, you are responsible for paying the other 10%, in addition to any deductible that you are also responsible for.
What is an Assignment of Benefits?
An Assignment of Benefits authorizes your insurance company to pay doctors and suppliers for the goods and services that they provide to you.
What is competitive bidding?
Competitive bidding is a process where an insurer selects a limited number of providers to provide certain categories of items. Call us at 952-546-5334 for additional information regarding our participation in the competitive bidding program.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Doctors Orders and Prescriptions
Do I need a prescription to order supplies from Anodyne?
Depending on your insurance policy, certain items may only be covered with a doctor's written prescription for the item. Anodyne must have a copy of this written prescription before shipping your products, if you will be using your insurance policy. If you will be paying privately, we can provide certain supplies and services without a prescription, depending on the specific product. Call us at 952-546-5334 with questions on ordering a certain product.
Do you accept verbal orders from physicians?
Anodyne can only accept verbal orders on some items in certain instances. We are required to follow-up and obtain a detailed prescription from the physician to have on file for documentation. If the verbal order is for disposable supplies, which are to be supplied monthly on an ongoing basis, we will only dispense the first month on a verbal order. We are required to obtain the written prescription for all orders after the first month. Anodyne will work with you and your physician to get all of the necessary documentation before the next re-order date.
What is a detailed prescription?
A detailed prescription supports the need for a specific product or service. It is a document provided by your physician. The document must include: Patient's name, Date of Birth, description of the item or service, length of need (if applicable), and must include the physician's signature and date.
My doctor wrote a detailed prescription for my item, is it covered by insurance?
Even though your provider completed the detailed prescription, it does not guarantee that it will be covered by insurance. Every insurance carrier has different coverage criteria for every item. Many items which are covered by a given insurance company or plan, are not covered under a different insurance company or plan. Anodyne is here to assist you in determining whether your insurance will cover a given product or service. Call us at 952-546-5334 for assistance!
What is a Certificate of Medical Necessity?
A Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) is a form sometimes required by insurers, authorizing the use of certain durable medical items and equipment prescribed by a physician. This form is to be completed by your doctor or the doctor's employee. Anodyne coordinates with your doctor to see that all necessary information is submitted to your insurance company.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Rental Equipment
Why do I have to rent this product, I thought my insurance company bought it?
Insurers decide whether to rent or buy equipment on a case-by-case basis. Anodyne does not make this determination and we have no control over the decision of insurance companies to rent or buy equipment. Please contact your insurance company for a detailed explanation of your policy's benefits.
How do I return a rental item to Anodyne?
If you are renting equipment, please contact our customer service department to arrange a pick up date of your equipment. All non-rental equipment can be returned if purchased in the last 30 days. Please note that you are responsible for all co-insurance and deducible amounts prior to the return of your rental equipment.
What is a “capped rental” item?
A capped rental category consist of any item which meets the following qualifications:
  • Not customized
  • Not oxygen or oxygen related
  • Not routinely purchased
  • Not service intensive
The capped rental program enables beneficiaries to spread their share of the cost of the rented item (co-insurance and deductibles) over an extended period of time, rather than paying in a lump sum.
What are some examples of “capped rental” products?
Some examples of the capped rental items include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices
  • External infusion pumps
  • Hospital Beds
  • Nebulizers
  • Air fluidized beds
  • Wheelchairs
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Power Chair and Scooter Maintenance and Repair
How long do batteries last?
There are many variables to the life of a battery. Generally, batteries last 12-18 months before they should be replaced.
How often should I charge my batteries?
To achieve maximum battery life, they should be charged as soon as possible after each and every use. Do not let the battery sit for an extended amount of time without being charged.
How long do I have to charge my battery?
For most chairs and scooters, the minimum time you should charge your battery is 8 hours to fully charge the battery.
When I am not using my scooter or power chair, should I keep it plugged in all the time?
This varies by make and model, generally you should keep it plugged in until the battery is fully charged, then unplug it.
My power wheel chair is not driving, what can I check before I call for service?
You should always check the motor first to be sure it’s engaged. Take the motor in and out of each gear, turn the chair off, than turn it on and try to start driving again. If the chair is still not driving make sure its in the “home” position and that it is not tilted too much one way, you want it to be in the upright position. If none of these items resolve the problem contact customer service at 952-546-5334
Why is my power chair not charging?
Check to make sure your battery charger is connected to a working outlet. Plug something else into the same outlet to ensure you are receiving power to that outlet. If your battery is 12-18 months old, you may need a replacement battery. Please contact our customer service department at 952-546-5334 to order replacement batteries for you.
Why is my power chair not driving but all the lights are blinking?
This is a diagnostic tool used by many manufactures to notify you that the chair is in need of service. Once it starts blinking, write down which lights are blinking and how frequently they are blinking. Call our customer service department at 952-546-5334 for further assistance.
Why doesn’t my tilt work?
Many tilt chairs have a common problem of becoming disconnected. Remove any accessories from the back of the wheelchair and look for anything that may be unplugged or not plugged in totally to the power source. If issues persist, we are here to assist you at 952-546-5334
Why is my chair running so slow?
If your chair is tilted or elevated you may only be able to go 1/4 of the normal speed your chair can typically go. This is a built in inhibit for the safety of the operator. Return your seat to the full upright position and lower it to the normal height and test the speed. If you have tried this and are still having issues please call our customer service department at 952-546-5334 or toll free at 1-800-736-8367 to assist you.
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