Medication Management Program

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Keeping patients independent
Managing complicated medication regimens is the main barrier for patients who want to remain independent in their homes. Even with strong encouragement from caretakers and loved ones, many people struggle to consistently take the medications prescribed to them. A systematic approach is needed, in order to keep patients independent and on schedule with their medications
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Anodyne's Medication Management Program
The Anodyne medication management program allows care providers to pre-fill up to 60 doses into the MD2 machine and schedule dosages in advance for their patients. Important reminder messages, such as alerts for non-pill medications, or instructions such as "time for your insulin" may be programmed by the care provider. At each dose, the machine alerts the patient, who can retrieve their dose by pushing the red button
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Covered by insurance
Anodyne's medication management program qualifies for reimbursement under all waivered services programs in the state of Minnesota. Please contact your case manager directly to assist you in getting started

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Partnering with caretakers
We partner with your case manager, nurses and other personal care providers, providing training on scheduling doses and loading doses into the machine. We provide 24/7 support for any technical issues that may arise. The machine program provides peace of mind to patients, caretakers and family members alike, helping ensure patients can lead a healthy life in their homes
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Caregiver alert services
The MD2 has the capability of providing caregivers with information as to how well patients have been complying with their medication schedule. The number of missed doses, refill reminders, dispensing errors, loss of electricity, and online Monitoring Report are all features that can optionally be included with the service to help caregivers better serve their clients
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Program safety features
The machine supports PRN (on-demand) medications, and is the only automated dispenser on the market to support this. The machine is lockable to prevent unwanted access to the medications as necessary. Occasional missed doeses are stored in a locked area within the machine. In the event of a power failure, the machine features a battery backup, so that patients can continue to receive their medications
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For more information, see the Medication Management Program section of our FAQ page

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