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Medication Management Program

Help needed for medication management
Keeping patients independent
Managing complicated medication regimens is the main barrier for patients who want to remain independent in their homes. Even with strong encouragement from caretakers and loved ones, many people struggle to consistently take the medications prescribed to them. A systematic approach is needed, in order to keep patients independent and on schedule with their medications
Medication management program items
Anodyne's Medication Management Program
The Anodyne medication management program allows care providers to pre-fill up to 60 doses into the machine and schedule dosages in advance for their patients. Important reminder messages, such as alerts for non-pill medications, or instructions such as "time for your insulin" may be programmed by the care provider. At each dose, the machine alerts the patient, who can retrieve their dose by pushing the red button
Medical insurance billing
Covered by insurance waiver programs
Anodyne's medication management program qualifies for reimbursement under all waivered services programs in the state of Minnesota, such as:
  • Alternative Care Waiver (AC)
  • Brain Injury Waiver (BI)
  • Community Access for Disability Inclusion Waiver (CADI)
  • Community Alternative Care Waiver (CAC)
  • Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DD)
  • Elderly Waiver (EW)
  • Essential Community Supports (ECS)
Please contact your case manager directly to assist you in getting started

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Program Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Anodyne Symbol What is the Anodyne Medication Management Program?
The premier medication management system on the market for individual use. The program helps keep patients independent in their homes, and on track with their daily medication schedule, preventing double dosing, incorrect dosing and missed doses.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How does the program help patients?
Patients need to consistently maintain their medication schedule in order to stay healthy and manage health challenges. Many patients are capable of living independently or semi-independently, but struggle to stay on track with their medications. For these patients, nursing homes and facilities are expensive alternatives to the medication management program. Oftentimes, these patients prefer to maintain their independence and remain in their homes, which the program empowers them to do.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How does it work?
Anodyne installs, programs and trains patients and caregivers on the use of the machine. The machine can then be filled with up to 60 scheduled doses of medication. When it is time for a dose, the machine notifies the patient using audio messages and visual notifications and the patient simply presses a large red button to retrieve their programmed dose. Future doses are locked in the machine. Access to the key can be determined by caregivers and family members. The machine supports regular schedules, irregular schedules, PRN doses, early doses, caregiver monitoring (phone line required) and special dose instructions as needed. Anodyne provides 24/7 phone support to assist caregivers with schedule changes, loading and anything else that arises.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol What patients are good candidates?
Elderly patients and those with disabilities or conditions that make keeping a regular medication regimen a challenge. It provides peace of mind and assistance to caretakers and family members, helping patients stay on track with their medication regimen. Patients who are otherwise able to live independently or semi-independently, but struggle to consistently take their required medication, are ideal candidates for the program.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol As a case manager, how do I refer a patient?
Case managers can refer a patient over the phone at 952-546-5334, using our pdf referral form or online by creating a Caretaker Account. The online Caretaker Portal allows caregivers to refer patients, monitor the status of their referrals, request cups and lids, view training videos and other helpful information.Create Free Caretaker Account
FAQ Anodyne Symbol As a patient or family member, how do I enroll?
Call us at 952-546-5334 or email us at and express your interest in the Anodyne Medication Management Program. Please be sure to include your name and a contact phone number.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Is it easy for patients?
Yes - patients simply press a large button to retrieve their medication cup. The cup has been pre-filled with their correct medication and dosages for that exact time of day. The patient receives audio and visual reminders at the time of their dose. It prevents patients from having to remember: a) which medications to take b) the correct dosage amounts and c) the time of day to take each particular dosage.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Is it easy for caregivers?
Yes – the machine can be pre-loaded with up to 60 doses, reducing the time and effort spent by caregivers to keep patients on schedule. The program includes a loading tray to help organize the dosage cups prior to filling, and the machine instructs you as you go along loading the machine. Rather than managing a patient's medications several times per day, you can manage them once every several weeks and let the machine do the rest.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How is it programmed?
Anodyne assists caregivers with programming the machine during the initial install appointment. Paper guides, as well as video guides in the Caretaker Portal are made available to caregivers. Caregivers can call Anodyne at anytime for 24/7 phone support and assistance with making changes to device settings.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How many days can be loaded?
  • 1 dose/day: up to 40 days
  • 2 doses/day: up to 30 days
  • 3 doses/day: up to 20 days
  • 4 doses/day: up to 10 days
  • 5 doses/day: up to 10 days
  • 6 doses/day: up to 10 days
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How does the machine notify patients of each dose?
The system has both audio (voice messages) and visual (lights and LCD screen) notifications. The volume can be increased as needed to assist users with hearing loss, or decreased, if desired. The lights and LCD screen aid those who have fully lost hearing. The LCD screen also provides any instructions specific to a given dose until the dose is dispensed. The audio messages aid the visually impaired. These notifications can be customized to fit the patients preferences and needs.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol What if a patient needs to access a dose prior to the scheduled time?
A patient or caregiver who has access to the machine's key can pre-dispense medication using the 'EARLY DOSE' key. This feature is useful if an individual is going out for a short time and wants to take the medicine along. For example, a daughter may stop by at 11:30am and say, “Mom, let’s go to lunch.” Rather than wait for the medicine to be dispensed, they can push the 'EARLY DOSE' key and take the medicine with them. This feature requires the machine's key, which is kept by either the patient or caregiver depending on the situation, in order to access.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol Who pays for the Anodyne Medication Management Program?
The Medication Management Program qualifies for reimbursement under all waivered services programs in the state of Minnesota. Organizations such as the Veterans Administration, Area Agencies on Aging and more, enroll their members in the program. Many children of elderly parents privately enroll their parent(s) in the program. Anodyne provides third party billing services at no extra cost.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol How much does the program cost?
The program rate is $125 / month. There are no up-front setup fees or additional fees to access any program features, such as 24/7 caregiver support, technical support and more.
FAQ Anodyne Symbol What does the program include?
  • MD-2 Device
  • Rechargeable 12V Battery
  • 100 Med Cups
  • 100 Med Cup Lids
  • Medication Loading Tray
  • Online Caretaker Portal Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support by Phone
  • Instructions and Troubleshooting Guides
  • Patient Information Packet
  • Phone Line and Splitter (if necessary)
FAQ Anodyne Symbol What dosage instructions can the machine provide to patients?
  • 0 No Message
  • 1 Time for your Insulin
  • 2 Take Medication with food
  • 3 May cause drowsiness
  • 4 No food with medication for 2 hrs
  • 5 Take extra fluids with medication
  • 6 Change catapress patch
  • 7 Change estrogen patch
  • 8 Change duragesic patch
  • 9 Put on Nitro patch
  • 10 Remove Nitro patch
  • 11 Use Nasal spray
  • 12 Use mouth inhaler
  • 13 Take on empty stomach
  • 14 No alcohol with medications
  • 15 Don’t drive with this medication
  • 16 Take medications with juice
  • 17 Take medications with milk
  • 18 Time for your Eye drops
  • 19 Check your blood sugar level
  • 20 Check your blood pressure
  • 21 Use your nebuizer
  • 22 Remember your meal
  • 23 Take your liquid medication

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Partnering with caretakers
We partner with your case manager, nurses and other personal care providers, providing training on scheduling doses and loading doses into the machine. We provide 24/7 support for any technical issues that may arise. The machine program provides peace of mind to patients, caretakers and family members alike, helping ensure patients can lead a healthy life in their homes
Nurses using Anodyne medication management
Caregiver alert services
The MD2 has the capability of providing caregivers with information as to how well patients have been complying with their medication schedule. The number of missed doses, refill reminders, dispensing errors, loss of electricity, and online Monitoring Report are all features that can optionally be included with the service to help caregivers better serve their clients
Modern medication management program tools
Program safety features
The machine supports PRN (on-demand) medications, and is the only automated dispenser on the market to support this. The machine is lockable to prevent unwanted access to the medications as necessary. Occasional missed doses are stored in a locked area within the machine. In the event of a power failure, the machine features a battery backup, so that patients can continue to receive their medications
PRN medication management
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